Enjoy these probashi films with a hint of nostalgia

Enjoy these probashi films with a hint of nostalgia

The probashi Bangali group is growing in size with every passing day. So much so that more and more activities are being planned around their members on a regular basis. This includes portrayal of the challenges faces by the probashi community in today’s Bengali films. Here’s a look at some of them:

London-e-Probashi- Released in 2006, this movie talks about the successful stories of Bengalis immigrants living in the city of London. It is an interesting take on the first-generation Bengalis in Britain, narrating their trials and triumphs where they attempt to hold on to their roots, culture and traditions despite being talented and working hard. At 50 minutes, this not-so-long film by Bithika Raha, with camerawork by Abhijit Banerjee is actually a collection of interviews from Bengalis across different walks of life, from a shopkeeper to a professor. It attempts to make Britain-born and settled Bengalis more sensitive towards their ethnicities.

Generation Aami- Literally meaning “Generation Me”, this 2018 film looks to highlight differences between generations. A scene in this movie shows Apu (Rwitobrito Mukherjee) talking to the camera while being spoon fed by his mother. He is supposed to be studying for a Chemistry exam but instead he is shown looking at the profile of a girl he loves on Facebook, but instead he questions if Bob Dylan would ever have been able to compose “Blowing in the Wind” if he was being fed milk and bread by his mother. 

It is a film about youngsters who are open to try different avenues to fulfill their dreams, and like to break free. It also shows how communication has been steadily breaking down among members of the family, and how motherly handling tends to affect progeny. The realistic treatment in this film gives an insight into the kinds of problems faced by a number of Probashi Bengalis today. This movie is currently available on Hoichoi.

Ghare Baire- This movie tells the sequence of events that unfold once a bohemian (Jisshu Sengupta) comes back to Kolkata after completing a corporate stint in Mumbai and happens to meet his childhood friend (Koel) whom he had avoided ever since. A fascinating film, it manages to hold the attention of the non-Bengali population in Kolkata as well, appealing to the “thinking man.” It draws you towards all your childhood Bengali memories and makes you fall back in love with Kolkata all over again. You will be able to find this film on Amazon Prime. 

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