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Bengali food has been popular throughout the country for several centuries. A Bengali’s platter is greatly diverse, with unique items in terms of snacks, main course and dessert. One of the few places to delightfully capture the aroma and taste of Bengal is “Kolkata Biryani House”.

Kolkata Biryani is an offshoot of the Lucknow style, which happened as the last Nawab of Lucknow was exiled in 1856 to Metiabruz, a suburb of Kolkata. Wajid Ali Shah, banished by the British, rebuilt a copy of Lucknow with large Islamic structures, a zoo with exotic animals and of course, a royal kitchen for cooking Nawabi khana. As the Nawab’s financial noose was tightened, his ingenious chefs came up with a cost-effective way of handle the meat shortage- eggs and potatoes.

What we are saying is that it will be our endeavor to bring you as close to the authentic Bengali culinary experience as possible. Tender meat laced with potatoes and boiled eggs is how we would describe our Kolkata Biryani - exactly as per its historic past. Our chefs lay special emphasis on taste and quality at all times.

Amongst the aromatic non-vegetarian dishes at KBH, you can find traditional items such as Kosha Maangsho(mutton) and Chicken Bharta. Let our succulent Chicken Malai Tikka, Mutton Seekh, Fish Tikka and Paneer Tikka rolls act as reasons for turning your car towards KBH. Do not forget to leave without sweetening your teeth with rosogolla, misti doi (sweet curd) or the creamy Phirnee.


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