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  • D’Vedic Ghee 320 Ml..

    D’Vedic Ghee 320 Ml..

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    ‘30% Special Inaugural Discount on the purchase of 1 bottle or more bottles’
    Ghee is good fat which promotes weight loss , boosts immunity, aids in digestion & gives that  enchanting glowing skin.
    Know about your choice! Introducing D’Vedic, our high nutrition pure Desi Cow Milk’s Ghee , free from any pesticides, chemicals or any added flavoured colours. It is 100% pure and natural, made as per the traditional Bilona method . The taste reminds you of the purity and the delight we all felt as kids having the Ghee made by our grannies.
    Try it out to experience the perfect aroma, distinctive taste & the granular home-like texture. Available in 320 ml of goodness jars . Stay healthily fit with the D’Vedic Ghee.
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